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       Since the establishment of the brand, Chopin has established the brand characteristics from generation to generation. Every member of the family who is responsible for supervision has made contributions to this. Today, it is this unique family spirit that makes Chopin stand out in the field of high-grade jewelry and high-grade watch making. This is clearly reflected in Chopin's every step, as well as the delicate and generous heart of the brand's iconic.

       Chopin's independence enables him to support the craftsmanship with a glorious history, which is the source of today's industry. Driven by the Sheffield family, Chopin's support for craftsmen also makes the brand develop its own forward-looking creativity. This forward-looking spirit led Chopin to lay the foundation for the new appearance of moral luxury.

       Family, the core of Chopin, symbolizes the cornerstone, history and contemporary appearance of the brand: it is Chopin's hero and emissary, the yesterday, today and tomorrow of the aristocratic family. The Scheufele family, succeeding the Chopin family, represents the founding legend and unity symbol of the brand. The members of the family constantly interpret the strength of blood and unity, and express their ability to develop the enterprise in a lasting, consistent and fruitful way.

       Family spirit is a kind of traditional consciousness, that is, to regard the permanent and meaningful root of the enterprise as a model, which runs through the history of the brand and is still the same as before, and to pass on from generation to generation. This spirit is also the epitome of brand humanity. This humanistic level dominates all kinds of internal and external relations of the brand at the same time.


       Craftsmanship and self management

       The independent management of brand has guided the formulation of its development strategy since its inception. The success of the brand is attributed to the family ownership structure. The significance of independent operation is shown by the highest level of vertical integration in the watch industry. Every work Chopin sold came from one of his three own factories.

       This approach is unique in the industry. This tenet is inseparable from the craftsmanship culture of the brand. Today, there are more than 50 masterpieces in the brand workshop, including some of the rarest and most complex ones. These crafts have achieved freer and more creative expression, combined with the continuous pursuit of excellence, thus ensuring the highest quality standards.

       Fearless courage and unlimited creativity

       Fearless courage and unlimited creativity are the source of Chopin's innovation and originality. The collision and integration of the two took place when a driving force was born. This driving force comes from the combination of manufacturing and inspiration, which firmly supports the brand's persistent persistence and determination. Such persistence and determination are reflected in the brand's energetic daily life, winning and adventurous attitude, and its fearless culture.

       These values determine the enterprise management level of the brand, and also create the brand's determination to move forward and meet new challenges. New challenges include the creation of industrial companies such as Chopin watchmaking workshop. New adventures again and again enrich the design level, embracing the classic heritage and constantly looking forward to the future.

       Every breakthrough is led by the taste, enthusiasm and talent of the Sheffield family. The active research and development of Gaojian make the brand explore and develop the production technology and materials never seen in the market. Through such R & D, Chopin's bold spirit of creativity has promoted the progress of new technology.

       Delicate emotion and generous heart


       Chopin's boundless enthusiasm for beauty and life prompted him to deliver a unique emotional message, and the medium of transmission was the spirit of the brand and its precious masterpiece. The receiver of this emotional transmission can be the wearer or the giver. Joy and happiness of life are important parts of the brand, which make Chopin's works bloom positive energy from beginning to end, so as to accompany customers to spend the most exciting moments in their lives.

       The recognition of inner personal value and other people's value is symbolized by heart shape. Heart shape is Chopin's iconic figure, which injects vitality into happy hearts series, and also represents the brand's extremely active fraternity purpose. There is no doubt that benevolence, altruism, enterprising and generosity have made Chopin open to the world and broadened the realm of brand influence. In this context, the Chopin family worked hard day after day to let the richer emotions grow and germinate.


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